Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Just Bought Some Batteries

I just ordered up 30 10Ah high-discharge-rate tabbed NiMH cells. The pack weight should be around ten pounds and they should fit neatly under the deck.

The present pack (five 7.2V 3000mAh packs) seems to sag a lot on modest slopes. The new pack should be at least three times stiffer under load (probably more, since the cells are designed for high current), and give roughly three times the range (which translates to around 10 miles, or about an hour of riding time).

Unfortunately I have to build up the pack myself. The good news is that I can configure them however I want, and they have tabs, which should make soldering them much less dicey. I'm leaning towards six sticks of five cells each, with three sticks nestled under each side of the deck towards the front of the board.

That should leave room at the rear of the board for the servo amp, op amps, and keyless doohickey.


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