Tuesday, February 07, 2006

New Magic Box

I'm starting design work on a magic box (really more of a magic circuit board) that will integrate the features of the current hand-soldered circuit board, the main relay, the protection fuse, and the servo amplifier evaluation board.

It will have connections for the battery, motor phase windings, motor hall effect sensors, and weight sensors. It will also have a connection for an on/off switch (currently provided by the keyless entry receiver) and a dedicated connection for the battery charger. Finally I'd like to add outputs for the four status LEDs (currently on the evaluation board and not visible while riding) and a brake light output based on the state of the current monitor on the servo amplifier. I'm still deciding how much room for future expansion I want to put on it.

I'll probably use the PCB123 service to design and fabricate the board. Finally I'll conformal coat the whole thing to make it waterproof, and probably put some kind of a box around it to protect it from scrapes with the ground.

This should clean up the underside of the board a great deal and make the 3WDM that much more durable and reliable.


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